Privacy Terms

Privacy Terms

Your Personal Information:

When you sign up on this platform to make a purchase, we collect your personal information which comprises on your name, phone number, email and mailing address, while our online store automatically log your computer, Laptop, Phone and Tablet’s IP (internal Protocol) address, device type, browser type, geographic location (which includes, country and city location). Collecting this analytical data let us better understand our visitors and while allowing us to improve the quality and relevance of our platform.

Consent Agreement:

When you make a purchase by providing us personal information which includes, debit and/or credit card details, order confirmation, delivery details or return a purchase, you are consciously agreeing and showing your consent while allowing us to collect such details and using them for said reasons only.

However you have the right to withdraw your consent. At any time you can contact us via email at in order for us to discontinue collection, usage and disclosure of your data.

Information Disclosure:

We may share (or provide access to) your personal details to the following recipients:

  • Our business partners in order for them to provide you seasonal offers and discounts the may interest you.
  • To professional advisors, law enforcement agencies, government and regulatory bodies if we feel necessary to comply with law and to defend our legal rights.
  • Third party rating service providers to evaluate reviews of our services for our customers if you are decide to participate in reviewing or rating Hiffey products and services.
  • To any other person with your consent to the disclosure.


Our online store is hosted and powered by Shopify Inc. That allows us to provide you access of our one-stop online platform where you can view, assess and purchase our products. Your personal informed get stored in Shopify’s protected and firewall secure data storage servers.

Security Measures:

We understand and are aware of the security risks and have taken authentic measures to protect your information. All data is being secured under firewall protected servers database which make sure it is not getting falsely used, copied, shared, modified, disclosed and/or destroyed.

However no security measures are 100% secured over the internet or on electronic storage in this era hence we are continuously upgrading and implementing our safety protocols which are all compliance under general industry standards.


All informed is kept and retained till we have an existing business need e.g. to continuously keep providing our services and products to you, or if requested and allowed by applicable law such as for taxation and accounting purposes.

You information will get scrubbed, anonymized and/or archived once we are no longer in need and/or requested & allowed by applicable law. We will secure store and isolate your data until deletion is possible.


We use first and third-party cookies. All reserved cookies are described below:

  • Essential Cookies: These cookies are required to enable us access and usage of our platform. They give us the required tools to maintain proper functionality, performance, privacy & security of our platform.
  • Statistical Cookies: This type serve the purpose to collect analytical data which help us evaluate and understand user interaction on our platform. With this collective data we improve and optimize our platform interference and security of this platform.
  • Personalization and service Cookies: P&S Cookies stores your authentication data, e.g. your device information, your registration details, login data and your preferred settings such as language, region and other user based details. These cookies make sure you don’t have to type your user and pass everything your visit the browser on interactive websites. P&S Cookies also analyze and store your interaction to analyze and determine your interaction which helps in routing recommended advertisement based on your past interaction and choices.
  • Marketing Cookies: Marketing Cookies let us make sure we direct relevant and targeted marketing towards you. While it also helps us analyze its effectiveness.

Changes to Privacy Policy:

We request you to review our policies frequently as if needed we do reserve the right to update it. All amendments, updates and clarifications will take effect immediately upon posting on the website. For all new additions/updates you will be notified here.


For any query, issue, concern or updates you can notify our Privacy Compliance Team at

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